image of a faded green haired catgirl with brown eyes and white fluff in the ears. Hi, you probably know me...

from one of my fediverse accounts such as my main, or my pleroma account, from my articles, or maybe even from Twitter.

In case you don't know me, I am open to being called any of several of my names for online presences, hoodie, aida, and kitten are all appropriate things to call me. I am always open to emails at, and i use fae/fem/feir/fae's/femself pronouns. Here's my best attempt at describing myself. I'm a shy socially stunted trans white poor nerd w/ chronic depression and buckets of trauma. I do a lot of activism on the fediverse through writing accessible articles about social media and software design for the purposes of prioritizing your user experience. Articles are on dreamwidth which supports RSS and Atom, alongside some old ones still only on medium. I also release art through patreon and post them to my social media on Mastodon and Twitter.

I am very poor, and am mostly affording to exist through patreon support. Support me via: become a patron on patreon., Donate using Liberapay, Buy Me a Coffee at, or Sorry for all the money stuff, but I'm poor like many in this day and age.

Interests and Hobbies: